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Online Summer Prep-Campus for IBA

Welcome to the International Business Administration (IBA) Bachelor’s Programme at the VU University, Amsterdam. In practice as well as during our International Business Administration program, we rely heavily on mathematics. Understanding facts and numbers will improve your understanding about management and will help you make better and viable strategic choices. Mathematics is incorporated in a variety of disciplines, such as strategic planning, stock management, or logistics. For these reasons, you will start your first semester with the course Business Mathematics.

From experience, we know that students tend to underestimate the necessary pre-knowledge of this course and face difficulties keeping up. To be precise, only 54 percent of the IBA students passed this course in 2017, including the retake. The problem is that you have to pass this course in order to start with your second year IBA.

In order to motivate first year IBA students to have their basic mathematical skills at the right level we scheduled a mathematics test in the first week of September. The score on the entry test will have an impact on the grade of the course Business Mathematics.

Is my maths level sufficient for September? What if it is not?

In order to answer these questions, we offered a matching test, either online or at the VU campus. Depending on the result, we either strongly recommended or suggested to join our online training community and participate in an online course. You will get to know future classmates and we will help you get fit. The social community on VU canvas is open for everyone, with or without the course. However, the online math course is not free of charge. The fee covers the actual costs of the course (the university does not have a commercial interest).

In a nutshell, there are two kinds of advices:

  1. You don’t have the necessary skills to start your study. In this case we strongly recommend to fresh up your knowledge by joining our VU Summer Course 2022. The course costs 49 EUR.
  2. Your level is sufficient or even excellent. For those of you who want to be extra well prepared you could follow the online course VU Advanced Summer Course 2022. This covers about 80 percent of the content of the math course that starts in September. If you are already familiar with the content you will have a cool start and can concentrate on other courses in period 1. The course costs 59 EUR.
The great feature of an online course is that it is non-stop open and accessible wherever you are in the world. And you can start immediately. In particular:
  • The math is nicely explained with many examples.
  • There is an unlimited amount of quizzes that give you immediate automatic feedback for self-assessment.
  • There is a forum to ask questions whenever you want. There is always someone to help you.
  • We offer three training tests for optimal preparation for the entry test in September.
  • We offer three webinars for live interaction.
Should you still have questions click here. Regardless of whether you take an online course or not you are welcome to join our VU canvas group! We will post a link to it shortly.

Sneak Preview

Curious to see a sneak preview of the math course that starts in September? It is called Business Mathematics. Have a sneak preview here.

Alternatives for Online Courses

Your student association Aureus will organize in-class introduction courses for mathematics. The courses take place at the VU, is 16 hours in one week and every Monday in August a new course will start. The course deals with all the basic mathematics that you will need for your Business Mathematics course in the first semester. The groups are small, with a lot of explanation and practice, and therefore the learning outcomes are optimized. However, the courses are more expensive than online courses. For more information, see Aureus tutoring.