About Us

Ines Lindner, Project Owner

Associate Professor, Department of Econometrics and Operations Research, SBE
Main research fields are social and economic networks.
Being founder and supervisor means Ines is busy setting the vision the online summer campus. She invents strategies for stimulating progress in teaching, expanding our library of experiences and establishing partnerships with other faculties and universities. She also serves as a test bunny by experimenting with new developments. If you want to see her getting all enthusiastic, ask her about her work on massive open-online courses.

David de Jong, Project Leader - Mathematics

PhD Candidate Marketing, SBE
Main research fields are Marketing and Product Imitation Strategy
As an active PhD candidate in Marketing, David is currently working on the several interesting projects around product imitation. In addition to his previous masters program, David helped several students with their thesis and likes to guide students with their questions or problems. Besides his academic life, he is working as online marketeer for several companies, including his own. If you have any question or seek guidance with one of the assignments of the course, feel free to ask him!

Fareed Alam, Mathematics Tutor

Lecturer, SBE
Main research fields are Firm Performance and CEO characteristics
Fareed is currently teaching mathematics after completing the Research Master; Business in Society, specializing in strategy. He is also working as a Mathematics teacher at OnCampus Amsterdam, part of the Cambridge Education Group. His research is aimed at analyzing how CEO charactersitics can influence firm performance, and he has helped several bachelor students with their thesis on related topics. Outside the professional domain, he enjoys playing cricket.