About Us

Ines Lindner, Project Leader

Associate professor, Department of Econometrics and Operations Research, SBE
Main research fields are social and economic networks.
Being founder and supervisor means Ines is busy setting the vision the online summer campus. She invents strategies for stimulating progress in teaching, expanding our library of experiences and establishing partnerships with other faculties and universities. She also serves as a test bunny by experimenting with new developments. If you want to see her getting all enthusiastic, ask her about her work on massive open-online courses.

Dieter Wang, Project Head Data Analytics & Communication

PhD Candidate in Financial Econometrics, Department of Finance, SBE
Main research fields are financial networks and time series analysis.
Dieter — the "data guy" — is the person in charge when it comes to data analytics and communication. Together with Ines he deals with any type of techincal challenges and hunts for interesting insights in the data about students' learning behaviour. His background in web development makes it easy to connect different services, such as the SOWISO platform, facebook and this website here. If there is anything that doesn't work, shoot him an email at help@prep-campus.nl.